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Thank you for your interest in the Summer Dairy Showcase !  The Committee looks forward to providing a fun and enjoyable experience for all exhibitors.  Schedule of events is as follows:


PLEASE NOTE: BARNS DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THURSDAY, JULY 30th at 12PM.  No set-up or dropping off supplies is allowed before Thursday.  You MUST check in with a committee member before setting up. 

Thursday, July 30th

12:00 pm-8:00 pm: Barns Available

4:00 pm: Milk Barn opens and will remain open through Sunday afternoon

Friday, July 31st

6:00 am-10:00 am: Barns Available - All Animals must be in place by 10am

10am-2pm: Livestock office opens & check-in begins

12pm: Exhibitor’s Meeting 

2pm: Showmanship starts with Novice Division

Saturday, August 1st

8:00 am: All paperwork for Saturday Show must be checked-in

10:00 am: Heifer Show - Alternating  Registered Holstein, Registered AOB and Grade. Supreme Heifer will be named at completion of the heifer show.

Completion of Heifer Show: Group picture with all exhibitors in Show Ring

6:30 pm: Hosted Dinner by Laird MFG- Merced

Sunday, August 2nd

7:30 am: All paperwork for Sunday Show must be checked-in

9:00 am: Cow Classes (alternating Registered & Grade)

Completion of Cow Show:  Supreme Champion 


Los Banos Fair Grounds

403 F Street

Los Banos, CA 93635


Herby Lutz

Chester, SC



Entries will only be accepted online - SEE BELOW. 

Due Date: WEDNESDAY, July 15th 

PLEASE NOTE: Entries received after this date are subject to a late entry fee. NO LATE ENTRIES (including Showmanship) WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER Saturday, July 25th. Substitutions will be allowed. 

Number of entries:

Keep in mind we have a limited number of stalls.  We are not currently putting a cap on entries, but want to allow the opportunity for all.  If we reach our maximum capacity we may have to call and limit the numbers any one exhibitor can bring.  Our goal is provide a venue for exhibitors to complete their dairy projects.

Lodging Options:

LaQuinta Inn

20 W. Pachaco 

Los Banos, CA 93635


Best Western 

301 W. Pachaco 

Los Banos, CA 93635



All supplies including bedding will need to be provided by the exhibitor.

Show Superintendent:

Sandy Hurtgen Montiero

Show Clerks:

Bobby Marchy 

Nicole Sanders


Preferred method:

E-mail us your question and the best person to provide an answer will get back to you!

Lori & Bob Marchy (209) 678-1265 or 678-1266

Aaron Matheron (209) 652-3540

Bobby Rosa (209) 678-3081